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    Whether you are having a year-end function, meeting with the board, event at work, luncheon, breakfast or any other function, our services will cater to suit your style and request.

    • Product Launches, Year-end Functions, Braai's

    Our team has gained extensive experience in creating truly memorable:

    • Themed birthday parties of all ages, Weddings, Baby Shower's, Cocktail functions, Anniversaries, Dinners, Special events

    We pay particular attention to the client's background, personality and requirements in order to create a personalised and one-of-a-kind event.

    We believe that the flowers and decor create the mood and are an important part of an event. This is the fun and creative aspect of event management – the blooming good team creates something special, whether it be in a traditional, minimalist, or over-the-top style.

    Our catering services extend to all of our other services. We cater for each and every category according to the client's request. We utilise in house chefs where all our food is cooked with sheer quality and precision with a fresh and delicious finish.

    • Themed Cakes & Cupcakes, Platters, Bar services, Cuisine menu's, Spitbraai